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Choose from 35 different high quality, digitally mastered, sound atmosphere, White Noise CDs and White Noise MP3's. Perfect for any situation needing sound atmosphere altering or sound masking. Our White Noise CDs are great for sleeping, relaxing, masking annoying sounds, stress reduction, even for concentrating on tasks! Perfect for home, school, work, or baby sleeping needs.
Also effective for symtoms of colic, tinnitus, hyperacusis, and ADD/ADHD. Our CDs are at least 60 minutes long and are designed to repeat in your CD player for hours of enjoyment.
All our CDs offer full descriptions and sample MP3's for your shopping pleasure. So take a look and listen and choose your new sound atmosphere today.
35 CDs & 28 MP3s To Choose From:
All Of Our White Noise CDs Are Available For Purchase In The Following Formats: CD, MP3, And On iTunes !
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Customer Reviews:
" I recently purchased three of your CD's over the internet--Beach, Rain, and Fan. The delivery was prompt and the CD's are the best of these types that I have ever heard. They are neither synthesized nor repetitive loops, but rather a full hour of superbly recorded natural sound. They sound absolutely real. We find they work great for either sleeping or just relaxing. I have tried the products of several companies, and I am happy finally to find one that has done the job right. Thanks. "
" Ordered on Saturday afternoon and received the product on Monday afternoon. I ordered two white noise cds from this merchant, and also ordered two white noise cds from another. This merchant, "Sleep", has a much better product in my opinion.. "
" Great product,great service. I highly recommend them !"
" These CDs are amazing! I have'nt found anything thats this good. If it was'nt for these CDs, I don't know how I would sleep at all. Last October, I thought I would have to buy a huge, expensive fan or white noise machine to block out the loud noise on my dormitory hall. This is a wonderful alternative. Thanks. "
" This merchants customer service, delivery and product is exceptional. I spoke to the owner of the company via email, he answered all my questions promply, I recieved the CDs I ordered in 3 days and they are exactly as described. Contrary to many purchases I have made over the internet, this one was a happy experience. I intend to buy from them again soon."
" The Spaceship CD is perfect for masking the bass of the stereo of my neighbor. I don't mind music, but he has it on 24/7. So when I need a break, I put on the Spaceship and it is very soothing. It works well because it is a low rumbling sound and cancels most of the bass out!! I only put it up about soft-voice volume. It's also very relaxing just when you want general quiet. "
" The CDs arrived in perfect condition and much more quickly than I had expected. I like the other CDs & products they have available and will definitely do business with them again. This was an excellent online shopping experience. "
" This is my second order with Sleep Machines. I would recommend these excellent tapes to anyone, and once again, delivery was FAST. "
" I ordered the Rain2 cd. It was everything that was promised. I had been looking for a good, white noise cd that had the continous sound of rain for years. Rain2 is by far the best one Ive heard. Because of the quality and overall satisfaction, I may order other titles."
" I ordered and got the CD 4 days later. Pretty good for Oregon to NYC. The CD puts makes my 5 week old daughter fall asleep in minutes, and that is a good thing. Great purchase."
" I was able to listen to each cd online and therefore decide before I purchased which was the best for me. It was a very good shopping experience. If I was in need of this type of product again, I would go straight to sleep machines."
" Thank you Sleep Machines. I placed my order and recieved it a few days later. It was easy to navigate your web site which made my shopping experience most pleasant."
" This was my second purchase from Sleep Machines. I ordered The Water Series, The Collection white noise CD online and am pleased with the CD and the service. The CD met my expectations for quality. The tracks are just like the sample tracks you can listen to online. The service is good, too. A few days after placing my order, an email was sent saying my order had been shipped. It arrived a few days later. I would order from Sleep Machines again."
" Ordered CD and received it, even with post-hurricane snail mail, within 4 days! The CD works great."
" I ordered & recieved the Beach / Rain CD in a most timely manner-it's the best thing I've ordered off the Net! I'm sleeping much better than I had been before and I find it easier & quicker to relax, as well. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy I am with your product and service. Thank you very much"
" Thank you, I wish I could have found your site a year ago! "
" I've researched environmental white noise CDs and found that the few that dont include annoying New Age music often sound fake or contain annoying incidental noises. The Rain 2 CD from Sleep Machines was the real deal--an hour of rain, ranging from a downpour to gentle rainfall. Their website is well-designed and they ship orders promptly. I definitely recommend Sleep Machines."
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